Global Awards

2024 Most trusted Health and Wellness Alchemist (UK) LuxLife
2024 Influential Businesswoman, Acquisition International Awards
2024 Beverage Brand of the Year, LiveWire Innovation & Excellence Awards


2023 Alchemist of the Year, LUX Life 
2023 Certificate of Excellence, Restaurant Guru 
2023 Best Health Elixir, Fitness & Nutrition Awards
2023 Most Influential CEO Business Woman Awards
2023 Best UK Neuro-Tonics, LUX Global excellence Awards
2023 Excellence in Botanical Medicine - Californian Business Awards
2023 Best Botanical Medicine Centre LA, Global Health &Pharma Awards
2022 'Best Neurotonic' Lux Life Awards.
2021 'Best Natural Medicine Centre' Greater Los Angeles, Social Care Awards.
2020 'Most Avant Garde Events Brand' Global Excellence Awards,
2020 'No1 Luxury Neuro Elixir in The World' Health, Beauty & Wellness Awards.
2019 'Alchemist of the Year' Lux Health, Beauty & Wellness Awards  
2018 'Alchemist of the Year' Lux Health, Beauty & Wellness Awards