Our Story

Welcome to our Elixir House and Alchemy Studio in Europe 
Locations: London, UK
Owner: Samantha Hemingway


Specialization: Award-winning Neuro-tonic specialist and Alchemist in Botanical Medicines, Metaphysics, and Spiritual Intelligence

Focus: Crafting Neurotonics, Elixirs, Alchemy Oils, and Perfumes with medicinal benefits. The process includes Spiritual Awakening, facilitating Full Realization, Spiritual Ascension, DNA Activation, and enhanced Mind-Body-Spirit awareness.

Collaboration with Experts: Samantha is studying NeuroScience at Harvard and works closely with NeuroPaths, Mixologists, and NeuroScientists and is an esteemed member of the British Herbal Medical Association (BHMA) and International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine (IPHM). Our Alchemy products are registered and quality controlled under iDNA Detect and adhere's to FSA Supplement Marketing regulations. You can also find us on BookRetreats.com


❤ Naturally sourced and 100% botanical 
❤ Natural Manuka honey preservatives
❤ Non synthetic and non alcoholic 
❤ Airtight and Pressure sealed 
❤ Recyclable glass bottles
❤ Not tested on Animals