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24K Gold Queen Elixir (5-Pack)

24K Gold Queen Elixir (5-Pack)

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✨ Introducing our Luxury 'Gold Queen Elixir' just "Shake n Shot!" - Our opulent Gold Elixir neurotonic featuring genuine 24 Karat Gold Ormus for an authentic touch of 24K magic.


🌟 Activates Your DNA
🌙 Enhances Manifestation Abilities
👁️ Decalcifies Your Pineal Gland
💛 Repairs the Aura
💛 Activates the Merkabah
💛 Aligns Neural Hemispheres
💛 Protects the Light Body
💛 Fosters a Connection with Your Soul

Our Gold Queen Elixir promotes cellular health and is characterized by:

  • Rich in Nourishing Nutrients 
  • Free of synthetic ingredients
  • Non-alcoholic
  • Low-Calorie content 
  • Vegan-Friendly
  • Made with fresh, organic ingredients
  • DNA-activating
  • Tuned to the Miracle frequency of 432 Hz


How to Use:

Serve it chilled, simply give it a shake and take a shot. For optimal absorption, consume on an empty stomach, one shot per day. Each bottle contains 20ml (0.68Fl oz).

Recommended times: Afternoon or Before Holistic Practice

Flavor: Experience the light, liquid gold, silky, naturally slightly sweet flavour. 

Effect: You'll feel the Gold Elixir impact within 30 minutes.

Keep it fresh by refrigerating, and it's best when consumed within 2-3 weeks.


Our 24K Gold Elixir boasts Monatomic Gold, 24 Karat Gold Dust, Mucuna Pruriens, Organic Apple Essence, Lemon Extract, and 432Hz Sound-Tuned Crystal Potentized H2O.

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