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No.1 Oxygen Elixir (2-Week) Detox

No.1 Oxygen Elixir (2-Week) Detox

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 No. 1 Oxygen Elixir (2-Week)  Cellular Detox 


✨ Just shake & Shot 
✨  each day our non-synthetic, non-alcoholic 'Oxygen Elixir'  ✨  awakens your own  DNA, Creativity and Spiritual awareness. Detox cells at a subatomic level, providing renewed energy and functionality.
The elixirs are 'Potentized' with Crystal Quartz and sound tuned at 432 Hz 'the miracle tone' the Elixir benefits are progressive, the Elixir's help you feel balanced, conscious and peaceful, including:
⭐  Activating your Being
🌙  Expanding your intuition 
👁️  Opening your 3rd eye
Benefits include: 💙  Heightened perception 💙  Increased mental clarity 💙   
 Oxygen supports cellular function, immunity and is: 
  • Anti-fatigue
  • Anti-Aging
  • Anti-Jetlag
  • Anti-Hangover
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Non-Synthetic
  • Non-Alcoholic
  • Vegan, Fresh, Organic
  • Activated
  • Sound tuned 432 Hz

*432 Hz is the natural frequency of the universe, radiating cosmic healing powers. The elixir is 'Potentized' Crystal H20 that's processed in the same way as Alchemy, spagyric and homeopathic remedies are prepared. 

  • Ingredients: Mineral Oxygen O2, Vitamin O, Blue algae, chlorophyll, natural lemon essence, mint, and almond essence. 
    • Serve: 
  • Refrigerate, Chill, simply Shake & Shot, perfect taken on an empty stomach so the absorption rate is faster, 1 shot per day, each bottle is 30ml 1.01Fl oz. 
  • AM/Afternoon
  • Flavour: Oxygen - Light, fresh, lemon & almond flavour, slightly effervescent 
  • Effect: You will notice the Oxygen effect within 5-10minutes.
  • Consume fresh, Refrigerate and for immediate consumption (within 2 weeks)


  • Tall Bottle of Oxygen Elixir (18oz)
  • 1 x Shot Glass (1oz)
  • 5-Pack Oxygen Elixir XL (refillable) (1.01Fl Oz x 5)


  • These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
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