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No.1 Oxygen Elixir (5-Pack)

No.1 Oxygen Elixir (5-Pack)

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✨ Experience Instant Results with a Shake n Shot! ✨ Introducing our top-tier 'Oxygen Elixir,' a luxurious, all-natural, non-alcoholic neurotonic that's creating quite a buzz. ✨


⭐ Awaken Your DNA
🌙 Enhance Your Intuition 
👁️ Unlock Your Third Eye
💙 Boost Mental Clarity
💙 Heighten Perception
💙 Reduce Blood Pressure
💙 Lower Heart Rate
💙 Alleviate Anxiety


Our Oxygen Elixir promotes cellular health and immunity. It's:

  • Anti-fatigue
  • Free of synthetic ingredients
  • Non-alcoholic
  • Calorie-free
  • Suitable for vegans
  • Made with fresh, organic ingredients
  • DNA-activating
  • Tuned to the soothing frequency of 432 Hz

How to Use:

Serve it chilled, simply give it a shake and take a shot. For optimal absorption, consume on an empty stomach, one shot per day. Each bottle contains 20ml (0.68Fl oz).

Recommended times: Morning or afternoon

Flavor: Experience the light, fresh taste of oxygen with a hint of lemon and almond, slightly effervescent.

Effect: You'll feel the oxygen's impact within 5-10 minutes.

Keep it fresh by refrigerating, and it's best when consumed within 2-3 weeks.


Our Oxygen Elixir is composed of natural carbonated H2O, Mineral Oxygen O2, O3, Vitamin O, blue algae, chlorophyll, natural lemon essence, mint essence, and almond essence.

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